We are pleased offer the opportunity to fish the prisitine flats of the Turks&Caicos Islands based on your own private Island.

Still somewhat undiscovered yet an easy trip to make from the Continental USA - the Turks&Caicos Islands offer the opportunity to explore pristine flats either by boat or by wading - with at times huge numbers of good sized bonefish marauding in the shallow waters

Further afield - approximately 30 minutes by flats boat from the main islands lie a series of huge and almost completely unfished series of flats - interspersed by a shallow reef system that is wadeable at low tide.

The bonefish are bold and not easily spooked as anglers fishing these flats are few and far between. The flats are far enough away from population centers to not be easily accessible by "meat hunters" and so the bonefish are easily found in large schools - sometimes numbering in the hundreds.